JobListrouteMASTER Dispatch is a powerful cloud based Traffic Management System. Jobs of any type can be created, edited and deployed to vehicles from an easy to use, customisable traffic view screen. All operators are synchronised so everyone works from the same plan no matter where they are physically located.

routeMASTER Dispatch can function stand-alone, integrated with existing TMS systems via our API or using one of our connection plug-ins to synchronise data between systems automatically without the need for csv files or manual updates.

The routeMASTER Dispatch app is available for Android and iOS, enabling drivers to log in and view their days work. Job statuses can be set for live updates to the office, job notes can be entered and customers signatures can be captured and electronically sent, all using your existing smart phones.


Cloud based Traffic Management system keeps all operators up to date with a live view of the work force and workload. Any changes are updated live to every user.

Integrated online portal so your customers can add and view jobs online. The customer portal can be integrated into your website with a few lines of HTML code.

JobEnables a paperless workflow system with live updates of job statuses, notes and problems.

Android and iOS allow the dispatch app to be used with existing smartphones.

Live driver updates allows for last minute changes and new jobs to be pushed live to drivers screens.

Optional satellite navigation to give drivers turn by turn directions to the customers address.

EPOD enables live consignment note E-mails, and instant billing.

Vehicle check list, records any vehicle defects and alerts operations staff if defects are noted.

Two way messaging between operators and drivers. If the vehicle is in motion the message is read out to the driver.


Dispatch5aImprove Efficiency

Hosted cloud based traffic management system consolidates and simplifies the back office system and management of job data with full multi user access.

Allocated jobs are pushed live to drivers smartphones or in cab display terminals, allowing for live changes to be made to the existing plan and new jobs to be dispatched.

Built in EPOD allows for paperless operation of your workforce and office.

Reduce Operating Costs

Subscription based licensing gives low cost of ownership and continued feature upgrades.

Optimise and visually check the deployment of work to your workforce to maximise work and travel time efficiency.

Always live work statuses allows operations staff to proactively identify and resolve issues before they become a problem

Improve Customer Service

Integrated online portal allows your customers to book jobs online and view EPODs for completed jobs.

Live paperless POD and E-mailed consignment notes delivered within seconds of signing the screen.

Increased customer response times and last minute job changes with optimally deployed workforce.




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