AGM-RouterouteMASTER Planner is a comprehensive fleet route planning system. automatically converting orders and work lists into optimum route plans, sequencing stops in the most efficient travel sequence while using the fewest vehicles possible to carry out the work.

routeMASTER Planner is highly configurable and relevant to any type of industry fleet, general haulage, parcel delivery, service industry etc… enabling you to automatically schedule work for your entire workforce.

routeMASTER Planner delivers every time.


Import job data from existing planning systems, TMS, CSV files, Excel files or use our API.

Automatically calculates least cost fleet plans

routeMASTER ETA'sCalculates complex fleet scenarios with deliveries, collections, multi-drop, time window constraints. Handles complex rules for drivers skills, vehicle and site specific rules to handle real world business logic.

Calculates realistic route times and ETAs using predictive traffic patterns to give realistic driving times along with customisable vehicle options.

Dynamically add new jobs into the planned schedule in real time and automatically assign the job to the vehicle that can carry out the work within its load capacity and driving hours at the least cost while meeting the customer’s service expectations.

Creates legal routes that comply with driving time legislation and load capacity of vehicles.

Incredibly fast calculation times that can optimise thousands of deliveries in less than a minute.

ManifestManual drag and drop route editor to fine tune plans.

Generate route manifests that can be printed, E-mailed or delivered automatically to a drivers smartphone, tablet or in cab display.

Give your customers E-mail and SMS ETA reports the day before. When linked to routeMASTER Tracking, customers can live track the vehicle when it’s on route to them.

When linked to routeMASTER Dispatch work manifests are automatically delivered to the drivers smartphone or in cab display.

When linked to routeMASTER Tracking it enables planned vs actual analysis of the route. Quickly and accurately identifies problems and discrepancies for use in the driver debrief.


Improve Efficiency

Calculates the optimum deployment of your fleet to do the same work with less vehicles

Eliminate time consuming manual planning and schedule calculation with automated fleet planning taking only seconds to complete

Order cut off time can be extended, allowing more orders to be received on the day

Reduce Operating Costs

Calculates the optimum stop sequence to minimize mileage, fuel and C02 emissions.

View route costs vs margins at the planning stage; choose the most cost effective strategy for your organisation.

Allow on-the-day jobs to be dynamically deployed to the most cost effective vehicle and driver with enough payload and working time available to complete the job.

Improved Customer Service

Plan achievable schedules with realistic route times and ETAs

Give your customers ETA notifications and live tracking access

Give your customers a better service with time windows for collection / deliveries and service calls.



routeMASTER optimises routes in seconds giving you instant results. Even with time window constraints, working time directive maximum working hours and vehicle load restrictions, routeMASTER gives you immediate results.

In the video below, routeMASTER is optimising 108 multi-drop deliveries of various weights around the UK. The optimum solution is calculated in only 62 seconds!





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