TrackingrouteMASTER Vehicle Tracking

A complete vehicle and driver tracking system. Track the entire fleet in real time, monitor progress of jobs and deliveries. Automatically updates ETAs and highlight issues in advanced, keeping the customers in the loop before a problem escalates.

The system provides a record of each vehicles movements on a minute by minute basis throughout the day. Easy to use software provides live journey start/stop times and reports plus minute by minute journey details.

The system also records how the vehicle is being driven, any heavy acceleration, braking and cornering is reported and the vehicle / driver score is deducted points allowing for fleet and driver comparisons along with driver feedback and coaching reports to show where efficiency improvements can be made.


ReplayCloud based so any user can access live from any physical location using easy to use software for PC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Live tracking of the entire fleet with all positions saved permanently.

Trip replay facility to review a vehicles activity in exact detail.

Comprehensive management reporting suite with Microsoft Excel export.

Live dashboards give instant review of key performance data.

Configurable user access rights ensure only the right people view their assets, staff and data.

TripReportReal time alerts can be configured against a list of monitored conditions.

Driver profiling and scoring enables easy review of driving patterns and quickly identifies inefficient drivers

Optional CanBus and tachograph interface reports real fuel usage and enables driver sign-in using their tachograph drivers card.


Improve Efficiency

Improved traffic control and fleet deployment, enables live deployment of jobs to the best vehicle.

routeMASTER LiveRouteCost effective journey plans, reducing time wastage and fuel costs.

Comprehensive reports to support the employers responsibility to monitor, control and record events.

Reduce Operating Costs

Accurate time-sheet information, reducing errors and over-payments.

Reduce off-journey mileage, engine idling and CO2.

Identify inefficient drivers that require training to improve MPG.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service staff can give instant location and ETA information to customers.

Service level agreements and targets can be monitored and reviewed.

Complete control for job costings, mileage, time on job and overtime.




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